Welcome to Beyond Today Media Group

Beyond Today Media is a social media marketing company that redesigns websites to make them more consumer friendly, email marketing to get you new customers and turn them into returning customers and we do all social media that will benefit you and you choose the social media platform that we will focus on for example Facebook.

Social Media

Social media can drive more people to your website or local business. This can lead them to become potential customers. Always have an active social media account because inactive accounts will not be found on their respective platforms.


Email can be use to promote deals, and inform your new customers that came from social media . This will turn your new customers into returning ones. Make sure to collect your customers’ emails to start sending them information whether it’s new blog post or a great deal.


Having a well optimized website is key for gathering new customers. If your website is not mobile optimized you are losing out on a lot of potential customers because mobile browsing is overtaking desktop browsing. Speed is also important. If your website is slow you will lose potential customers.


Marketing is a key part in getting found online. Facebook marketing can provide a lot of potential customer as there are 2+ billion active users on Facebook now. Google ads is also great for getting your brand found as Google is still the number one search engine.