Progression On Twitter.

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In Two Weeks I when from 14 to 450 followers.

My business is about social media marketing right. So if I did not have any followers my potential clients are not going to take me seriously. I have experimented with a few thing to get more followers.

What made me grow? Answer: retweeting. I was retweeting a lot of relevant content to my Twitter page. The best thing about Twitter is that you can keep tweeting and tweeting and nobody will be bothered by it. Now, this does not mean don’t any content that is yours. I have shown people how to add images to Instagram stories so I’m not just retweeting everybody else’s content.

That was not the only growth I had. Crowdfire gave me a huge boost in Twitter follower when I first used it. It was late at night and I had done all the recommendation and the Twitter followers were rolling in when I woke up the next day.

Am I lying to you? Well, I will give you some visual proof that I had made this progression.

All of them are in order from when I first used Crowdfire.

All these results were for Crowdfire 

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