How to Post Images on Instagram Stories

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Snapchat has it in its memories but where’s Instagram’s?

Instagram stories are just like snapchat. They go away every 24 hours, and you can take quick photos and videos from your phone. Taking photos from your phone is nice all but maybe you don’t want to post anything that’s right in front of you. So how do you do it?

Step 1: Take an image or a video from within 24 hours. Screenshots will be your new best friend because you can add a screenshot to your Instagram story.

Step 2: Swipe down. Now that you have an image or video, where are they at? They are hidden in the Instagram story page or the camera icon in the upper left corner. Now that you are on this page swipe down or up (they both work) and you will see everything in the last 24 hours.

Step 3: Select it. That is it select that image and edit it how you want. Do not forget your hashtags and your geotag because your story can be featured on one of those stories.

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