Tag Smaller Locations to get Your Story Featured on There.

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Your Instagram stories can be found on locations but why should you go with less famous ones?

I have been experimenting with Instagram stories, and I have some news that I am going to share with you. When you make your story, photo or video, do not forget your geotag. Why is this important? When you make a geotag you will be featured on the location’s story, and when you tag a specific location like a museum your story will be on the museum’s and the city’s stories.

Here is the reason why you want to go with a less famous location. Let’s take Chicago for example. It is a well-known city so many people are going to tag it in their geotag. With the high volume of stories tagging Chicago, your story will not be easily seen. Tagging a city near Chicago may help if you want people to know about your location in the tagged city. Since the tagged city is less known there will be a low volume of stories.

In my recent story, I had Ravisloe Country Club-Homewood and Markham Il as geotags. As you can see from the pictures below I had viewers who looked at the city’s story in both of them.


Instagram Story geotagInstagram story 2 geotag stories

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