Title, Description, Tags The Basics of Video SEO

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If you are making YouTube videos, make sure your title, descriptions, and tags have keywords that relate to your video. An example, as said I been doing YouTube since 2012, I was a gaming channel so I will use a gameplay video for example. Say I did an NBA 2k17 video and got a Diamond Shaq.

Here would be my title.

NBA 2k17 Myteam Diamond Shaq

Notice what I have in the title, the game, the gamemode, and what this video is about. Use important keywords in your title because people will start finding your video.

For the description, Social links are first, then describe your video.



I finally got diamond Shaq in NBA 2k17 Myteam. I show off his stats and play a game of road to the playoffs with him in this video.

Make sure to repeat the same keywords again to ensure that when somebody searches for this it will show up even on the first page of Youtube search.

Tags, add as many relevant tags to your video to help it be seen.

NBA2k17, Myteam, Shaq, Shaquille O’Neal, Diamond, road to the playoffs, Diamond Shaq, Diamond Shaquille O’Neal, PS4, Xbox One, Pc

Do not spam tags in your description. Your video description should not have everything NBA related in it.


Lebron, Kobe, Derrick Rose, Jimmy Bulter, Lakers, Heat, Cavs, Steph Curry, Michael Jordan, Freethrow line dunk, Kyrie Irving, etc.

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