Easy Ways on Getting Your Website to load in under 3 seconds

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Fast Website or Lossed Opportunity

Do you want to wait for a website to load information? Neither do search engines as the slower website will be ranked lower than the faster one. That’s not all you will lose people if your site does not load in under 3 seconds.

Your WebHost will Make or Break your Speed

The tips I am about to share will help you but if you use the cheapest plan you get it may not get you under 3 seconds. Make sure you do your research on the hosting plans and providers.

Compress, Resize, and Shorten any Media File you add to Your Website

Large files equal a slow site as every byte needs to load for the image to appear. Compressing your images is always recommended by speed test sites like GTmerix. Compressing can be done to your videos if you plan on uploading them directly to the website. Remember to be careful when compressing you will lose quality and may look terrible to your viewers.

Resizing images will improve your website speed as well. If you have a 2560×1440 image resizing to 1280×720 will cut down on the bytes need to load that image. If your site’s focus is photography try and resize to where you find a good balance between speed and quality.

Shortening your videos remove a lot of bytes that need to load. It is recommended that you use YouTube or Venmo to host your videos. They will have a well-optimized version of them.

Minification of HTML,CSS, and Javascript

If you can edit your code on your website this next step. Minifying can speed up your website by removing unnecessary data and combine HTML, CSS, and Javascript to a file without destroying your website’s look. Many WordPress plugins can do the minification for you these are usually cache plugins. Some web host ban cache plugins so keep that in mind when choosing one. Lastly, be careful when using plugins. One wrong setting can destroy your website although it can be reverted by undoing the setting.

Get a CDN for Your Website

CDNs are great for speeding up your website because they host your website on their servers as well. If you have a lot of traffic buying a CDN will help you out. A free one Cloudflare will help your website and it will do some minification as well if you want.

Understanding A Waterfall Chart

GTmerix Waterfall Chart

Now that you know how to speed up your website let’s take it further. Too quickly summarize a waterfall chart you want the bars as small and as close together as they can get. Check to see if you have a long bar and see if you remove it from the page. You can also shrink the file size to help shorten the bars as well.

Remove Theme and Plugin Bloat on WordPress

Did you know that plugins can be active on page there not? Having these plugins can slow down your webpages that don’t need them. You can find these plugins on your waterfall chart.

When looking for theme research ones that are lightweight. You never want a theme loaded with heavy fonts and CSS to slow down your website.

A great WordPress plugin Asset CleanUp will show all the CSS and Javascript on your current webpage. You can disable the unnecessary CSS and Javascript under that classic editor on WordPress. Always test your changes because you can break your page but don’t worry it all can be reverted.

Remove Requests to Save Seconds

After removing the bloat from your page you will have fewer requests on its waterfall chart. Requests are basically anything that needs to load on your webpage. So loading up a page with YouTube videos, widgets, images, etc. will slow your website down. Even your google analytics code can slow you down.

Test Until You get Under 3 Seconds

This can be a process but keep it up. For every compress, request removal, and minification you make flush cache and test. Rinse and repeat until you have a blazing fast website.


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