Youtube Ads = Revenue

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Earn more from your content

Want to make some money on YouTube? Here are the ads choices you have

Overlay Ads: Do you want your viewer at 10 seconds to see an Ad over the video then check the box.

Skippable Ads: You earn less money with these but you do not annoy the viewer with a long wait.

Non-Skippable Ads: You will earn more because the viewer has to see all of the ads before they can watch your video, but they may click away if they can not see it right away.

Mid-Roll Ads: If your video is longer than 10:00 then you can add Mid Roll Ads. These ads can be placed anywhere on the video as long as it is not too close to any Pre or Post-roll ads. A good place is usually before your outro. Note these can be Overlay Ads too.

Post-Roll Ads: Just like the ad at the beginning of your video, this is the ad at the end of the video. Either a Skippable or NonSkippable ad.

The more ads you use the more money you make. If a person clicks on the ad on your video then you earn more money if they do. Beware of ad-block because you will earn nothing is the person watching has it on. Youtube Red members do not have ads but you will still earn revenue from those users.

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